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Street lamp HID replacement led bulbs

Published: 2019-03-29

CFL, MH , HPS etc.HID had been banned Since 2015, what’s the best choice for further replacement?

Yes, ANTS LED HID replacement bulbs is best choice and Why?

ANSI profile design

Because you can keep the same old HID fixture and achieve brand new LED performance with 2.5 times longer rated life versus traditional HID lamps.

50% less energy usage, Efficiency can reach to 160lm/w. And notably better quality of light.

What are the differences between ANTS LED HID replacement bulbs with other led bulbs?

Our size, weight and lighting distribution is more closely with traditional HID.

Other HID replacement bulbs may be either too large or too heavily to fit your existing fixture.

But ANTS led HID replacement bulbs are carefully designed to fit the ANSI profile, ensuring they matched the dimensions of your old lamps for the easiest energy saving retrofit possible.

ANSI profile design also means light distribution of your new LED HID lamps will be equivalent to what you’ve come to expect from traditional HIDs.

Our LED can reduce 50% maintenance cost, reduce 0.5 times of maintenance ever year, save your labor cost.

You can always keep the same fixtures and achieve brand new LED performance. ANTS offers the options you want, 35w to 450w LED. Our extensive portfolio of replacement bulbs includes the first ever 1,000 watt LED HID replacement.2200 Kelvin is available.

Countryside road, 35w to 80w replace 100w to 175w HID.

Auxiliary road, 100w to 150w replace 175w to 250w HID.

Highway main road, 250w to 450w replace 400w to 1000w HID. 

You can keep the same HID fixture and achieve brand new LED performance. ANTS LED bulbs is the best choice for your HID replacement.Visit and learn more now!

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