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High quality integrated solar street light up to 160lm/w high efficiency lithium iron phosphate battery,monocrystalline silicon solar panels good quality

Control Way:
  • AT-SL
SL series Solar Street Light Solar Lighting
The Solar Street Light SL series Lighting is a very high-efficiency street lighting. This luminaire has a photovoltaic panel integrated in the upper part of the luminaire and is one of the so-called All in One solar luminaires. This photovoltaic system captures the sun's energy during the day and stores it in its internal battery to be used at night.
This solar luminaire is an excellent option to be used in places where there is no electrical power available or in projects where it is desired to have a lighting system isolated from the electrical system. This luminaire manages different powers and luminous fluxes which makes it very versatile to be used both in parking lots of shopping centers or industrial plants, small alleys or even streets and avenues with a high vehicular flow. These luminaires replace the old sodium vapor public lighting luminaires or even some low-efficiency LED luminaires.
100% free of connection to the electric current, thus achieving energy savings.
It includes a Bi-Level sensor which turns on the luminaire when night falls and lowers the power when no movement is detected.
It has a solar panel on the top that converts the sun's energy into electricity, which is stored in its lithium battery, which allows up to 20 hours of continuous use.
Innovative design that avoids maintenance, being easy to install, in addition to having IP66 protection, which gives it a limited manufacturer's warranty for up to 5 years.
Ideal for places where there is no power supply.
Parking lots
pedestrian walkways